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Glass railings is a safety feature with a wide range of applications. Most often we encounter railings in the interior, exterior, at galeries or atticas. It is a very popular building block among architects. For all types of handrails, laminated safety glass of different thicknesses is used according to the prescribed standards. The railing can thus be self-supporting or fixed to different nasal elements and column type. The most common material used for anchoring is stainless steel or aluminium.


Glass walls can be a safety, design or functional element in any use of space distribution. Glass can have different colors, thicknesses, strengths.


Glass doors are an ideal complement to many modern spaces.The advantage of glass doors is the permeability of light in small spaces. Glass can be, clear, milky, etched or with graphic print.The door shift is secured in different ways.


Screens and shower enclosures made of glass are equally used interior accessories. Screens are usually used in the department of personal hygiene. This uses safety glass, which can have different colours, surface type or special glass, which either whites or makes transparent when the voltage switch is pressed. Shower enclosures can have an atypical shape, glass quality but also different types and surfaces of opening systems. Modern elements of corners are often applied in black and white design.The most commonly used forging is with a glossy chrome finish.


Glass cladding is used in premises where increased hygiene requirements are placed or from a design point of view. These tiles can be made of dyed, milky, clear, mirrored glass, or digital printed glass. If the cladding is near a heat source, hardened glass up to 200 C° is used. Standard quality glass is used for conventional tiles. We also supply glass for building facades and building decorations.


Mirrors, an indispensable addition to any space. The mirror has functional usage, which means for mirroring the image.Another quite traditional use of this material is in interior design. The mirror as a decorative material has been used in interiors since the mid-20th century. A mirror as well as glass can be ordinary or safety. We usually work with three types of mirror discoloration: standard, copper and smoke. The edges of the mirror can be with an edge or facet.